• The Granny Grunts was founded in 1975 and over the years, we have accumulated an alumni of 200+ members, each of which who has given back to their community in a meaningful way and who remember the wonderful experiences they had in the outdoors.


  • The building that gives us our namesake was originally built for the Atlas Plywood Company as an office in the late 1800’s. In 1969, it was purchased by Ted Quintin (aka Grampa Grunt, RIP: Sept 2012) and later converted to Granny Grunts Dorm by adding two more stories and a cafeteria accommodating up to 60 skiers and snowboarders. After many decades and practically books worth of unique events, ‘Grampa’s Dream’ continues on… The Lodge is now named Grampa Grunts Lodge and most people are quoted to consider it a “rare finding”. Grampa Grunts is currently one of the top rated ski dorms in the East. (Grampa Grunts Lodge, Montgomery Center, VT)